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Who's Behind The Scenes?

Andrea is the founder and the creative mind behind Tiger & Arcadia. 

Born and raised in Mexico, Andrea has a colourful lineage and is proud of her Kickapoo roots (the Native American Indians). She spent her childhood growing in Mexico City and later moved to France during her coming of age.

It is in Mexico; in her maternal grandmother's house, “Lolo”, where Andrea had a first-hand immersion in the world of colour and aesthetics. Lolo, a strong, independent woman contemporary to the visionary creative of Frida Khalo, made her home filled with colours and a haven displaying all sorts of  collected objects in her cabinet of curiosities. Lolo’s eclectic universe is a kaleidoscope of chimeric beauty blending of culture, accidental colours and charisma coupled with interesting objects, styles, shapes, and textures. This has shaped Andrea fascination for interior decor and yearning to travel. And so, over the years, Andrea became passionate for design, craftsmanship, and the beauty within interior spaces. France became her home away from home; her source of inspiration ever since she was relocated in 1988.

This eclectic mix between the nomadic tribal spirit and her exquisite eye of the “French touch” became her source of inspiration to begin her creative journey with Tiger & Arcadia.

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The Tiger & Arcadia Project

Inspired by her passion for travel, the beautiful adventure of Tiger & Arcadia came to life during her trip to India in 2007. It was an independent, intimate project with a clear commitment to support artisans and to promote the conservation of artisanal handmade and craft techniques from around the world.

Since then, Tiger & Arcadia has evolved into a lifestyle design project, curating and fostering worldwide talent by promoting ethnic flavour incorporated with a “Chic Bohemian” style. Our designs are a mix between contemporary and traditional handicraft. We reinvent traditional practices or techniques which showcases creativity while highlighting and focusing on the little detail found on each object.  All of our work is encouraged by responsible innovation, ethical trade and promoting environmental consciousness.

Our style? Chic, Nomadic, Bohemian, and Eclectic. 

Our Manifesto

'We firmly believe that local artisans are the true and original trendsetters of the contemporary design industry, inspired by their talent and cultural heritage’.

Financially supporting small artisans and craftsmen as well as the invisible community behind the scenes. This is our social responsibility which we strongly believe in. Throughout our commitment, we seek to preserve their skill, encourage their cycle of work and to retain their lifestyle.

We hope to share their art, craftsmanship and talent with our audience and gradually allowing for  growth and providing a platform to expand business opportunities across the continents. We want to aspire and bring meaning to change the current consumer patterns.

Brands make artisans invisible.

We really want to attach the greatest priority to the beauty behind every creativity, hardwork and the story that goes with it. When there are no labels, you can truly admire beautiful objects.

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